Since 2004, MyParasites has been clawing their way up from the murder capital of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
This band has been earning their reputation with every live performance.

Combining elements of Industrial, screamo, and Aggro EBM, MyParasites evolved into a mechanical blending of pure withdrawn emotion, along side a parasitic sound that is unlike any other.

With lyrics concerning trust, lies, infidelity, sex, and deceit, MyParasites brings a new sincere evaluation and opinion of life's surroundings that many can relate to.
Utilizing a disarray of electronics, samplers, synthesizers, guitars, electronic drums, and angle grinders, MyParasites assaults the stage with a terrifying, yet awe-inspiring live performance.

Splicing together concepts of tragic recollections, and personal anguish, MyParasites snaps back at society with a vindictive, unforgiving display of raw emotions, erupting a severe reinaction of previous incidents and screaming agonizing memories.