Best New Orleans Car service !

As the Quarantine tour came to an end, we pulled up to our house after an 18 hour drive from McAllen, Texas.

In the rush to get to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a month, I accidentally left the lights on in the van, effectively killing the battery overnight. Our final tour date was July 24th in New Orleans the next day. As we get in the van to head to the last gig, we realize the dead battery.  So after waiting two hours for a cab, I give up and I look up a New Orleans car service online. I find this guy on Yelp, Eric’s to and from. Hes got great reviews so we give him a call, and hes more than willing to come help us out even with such late notice.

Moments later hes already here with a “I’m here to save the day” smile on his face.  We load all the gear into his van, and he gets us to our show on time, AND took us home afterwards!

So needless to say, I highly recommend Eric’s to and from car service to any of our fans and friends for any of their New Orleans transportation needs!

new orleans airport pickup

Eric’s saved the day!


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Veterans Day. J. Rivet Jason Wehmer

This is taken from

“Wehmer, an Iraq combat veteran, was studying at Harford Community College and was scheduled to graduate this month from the political science and international relations program. He had been accepted for admission into the University of Maryland College Park in the fall. Wehmer dreamed of someday becoming a U.S. Congressman.

It was Wehmer’s natural leadership and longing to create a better the world that initially led him to join the military after the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“He wanted to do something that had meaning,” Matkins said.

During his career in the Army, Wehmer served in both Korea and Iraq, and fought in 250 combat missions.

He was awarded the following medals for his service: an Army Commendation Medal; a National Defense Service Medal; a Global War on Terrorism Medal; a Service Medal; a Korea Defense Service Medal; an Iraq Campaign Medal; an Army Service Ribbon; an Overseas Ribbon; and a Combat Infantryman Badge.

He also received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in Iraq.

“He was injured by an IED [improvised explosive device] when he was in Iraq,” Watkins said. “He had scarring and hearing problems from that.”

After returning from Iraq, Wehmer was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colo., for a year before he was honorably discharged for medical hardships.

He returned home to Maryland in 2008 and began pursuing his political science degree at HCC.

On campus, Wehmer maintained a 3.79 GPA and was president of the HCC Political Association, where he led roundtable discussions.

“He really liked the club. He thought it was the best,” Watkins said.

When he wasn’t engaged in his studies, Wehmer was an active musician. He played keyboard in a Philadelphia-based industrial gothic band called MyParasites under the stage name J. Rivet.

“He was a rock star,” Watkins said. “He went to the DC Art Institute and studied music engineering after he came back from Iraq, around 2007.”

Wehmer was in the midst of finishing his first solo album.

“He was really proud,” Wehmer’s friend, Neil Genslinger, who played with him in another band called The Harvest, said. “He was working on it since Iraq, about five years.”

To celebrate his memory, Wehmer’s bandmates have taken his endeavor as their own and are seeing his record through to completion.

Genslinger is just one of many musicians involved with this project.

“He just needed to add covers and vocals,” he explained. “We are going to take his backing tracks, find his lyrics, finish it and put it on CD.”

When the record is finally dropped, it will be available to friends and family and will be available for fans on the band’s website,

Wehmer’s memory will survive not only through his music, but also on the campus he loved.

Harford Community College is in the process of establishing a scholarship for political science majors in Wehmer’s name.

Of course, the greatest legacy this soldier has left behind is not one of music or academics, but one of friendship and loyalty.

“Nine times out of 10, he would bend over backwards for you,” Genslinger said. He was an integral part of people’s lives.

Rest in Peace



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ParaNews – September 13

ParaNews… We just got married last week and we’re packing up our house and store and getting ready to move to New Orleans in 10 days. We sold our hearse :(  and we’re selling off a ton of other stuff in our store Requiem. so come by and get some while you can!

Once we get to NOLA we’ll be unpacking and setting up our new place.
Soon as the studio is together I will start unleashing new music.
We’ll be looking for a new guitar player in the south and planning a tour for next spring/summer 2014.

Stay tuned! we might be a little quiet on the social media for the next couple weeks.

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2013 plans



As you all know, 2012 was crazy for us. The wall Street Massacre tour, and a number of local shows around PA, NJ, NYC and more.We finally released our first album last year on Beyond Therapy Records.

Now in 2013, we’re busy planning some festivals and writing new material.  we have Kinetik Festival in MAY in Montreal, QC

And Triton Festival in NYC!

Chloe and I are busy getting married this year in September, and have alot of shit to do.

The new album is slowly coming along and we’re looking to finish it by spring of next year and do a 2014 tour in the spring.

So we’re saving up money for a tour van, nothing AMAZING, but something that will take our gear and band members around the country. we have a our eye on a smaller RV sort of thing that would be AWESOME for us.

We’ll be making new merchandise next year, and we’re selling off everything we have in stock for the van fundraiser here –

so get it while you can!  we’ll have new shirt and hoodie designs coming.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


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Triton Festival, NYC

If you’ve seen us play SMack, or
Cybertron, , or Halloween Massacre, or
the countless other times we’ve
rocked nyc, go throw us a vote to play
Triton festival!
Check out our new lineup with guitars
and a live drummer and new music
that will melt your faces!

Cast your vote HERE:

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MyParasites Fundraiser


We’re looking to give away some cool prizes  and save up for a Tour Van for the band!!


More info here!



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Orgy @ Webster hall w/ Vampires Everywhere!, Davey Suicide, MyParasites


Wide Awake and Dead Tour

MyParasites opens for ORGY @ Webster Hall, NYC

With Special Guests, Vampires Everywhere!  and Davey Suicide


BUY TICKETS from MyParasites  ! FREE stickers and lanyard with each ticket.
Facebook event page –


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MyParasites @ Kinetik festival


Just confirmed,  We will be performing at Kinetik Festival in Montreal, QC in Canada.

We are putting together alot of work into this stage show, and adding alot of DMX lighting and adding a live drummer to the mix,. This event is not to be missed!


RSVP on facebook, here  -

MyParasites Kinetik Festival 5.5




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So 2013 has been REALLY good to us.

We had some really memorable shows.

Especially being able to play the last Nocturne at Shampoo. There was a HUGE turnout in our hometown if Philly and we met alot of new people.  I think Faderhead also played that night. It was awesome. Heres a video from that night too. The sound guys did an amazing job and the lights were sickk as hell too.We had my buddy Frank play guitar for ParaLies too and it sounded awesome.

After that we were booked at the Terrorbyte Festival in Austin, Texas.  Which was a whole fucking mess but turned out to be an amazing time.  Chloe and I drove down in the Scion with all the gear and Eddie and Glitch flew down.

As soon as we arrived at our friends house, I go an email from the promoter saying it was cancelled. After I drove from Philly. HAHA. Fortunately for us Eddie and Glitch flew down a couple days early so that the prooter couldnt cancel the plane tickets like he did ALL the other bands.

So TJ from Soulless Affection and a few others put together “TerrorBIT”  LAST MINUTE which pulled through and we all still had a show to play and we had a blast.



While all this was going on, Sean Payne from Cyanotic was mixing and mastering our album. and also did some additional programming on our album. We FINALLY released our first OFFICIAL album “ParaLies” in November, and sold over 100 copies within the first month. (which is alot for us) And Caustic and Psyclon Nine did remixes on it too. wtf.  BEYOND THERAPY RECORDS !


October 12th we had the AWESOME opportunity to open for SUICIDE COMMANDO on their FIRST USA show EVER  in our hometown of Philly.  Also with FGFC820 and Cenotype.

There was a HUGE turnout. tons of people. We got to meet Johan and gave him a MyParasites shirt. Mike Saga and Joe Scott are the shit for booking us on that show. It was insane and we all got prettyyyy drunk..

We got A TON of merch made…. Booty shorts, girls shirts, guys shits, tank tops, CDs, stickers, gas masks, girls & guys Hoodies, wristbands and so so so much more.

Right after that show we hit the road with Angelspit and Cyanotic on the Wall Street Massacre Tour. We hit 28 different cities and met hundreds of fans and friends. We got to hang with Steve White from KMFDM in Seattle. DJ Mindbender, Nero Bellum, Kristoff Bates and Chris Vrenna all came to our show in LA which was awesome. Alex King frok Blakopz gave us a comfy place to sleep while in Phoenix, AZ, and so so so much more.

Tour was an amazing experience and one hell of a wake up call. We played with some awesome local bands and slept in a van. went to Canada. drank alot, and had a ton of inside jokes, at nasty rest stop food, got really sick, and played at some of the coolest venues. The promoters were all awesome and took good care of us.


OH and we got a REALLYY good deal on an OpenLabs MIKO.  which is the most amazing thing anyone could ask for.

Now we’re home. Just had a nice Xmas and Chloe and I got the newest expansion for World of Warcraft and now we get to relax and play video games… (my realID is  so come play with us!


2013, we’re writing all new music and planning a smaller east coast tour on our way down to Florida in March.  We can’t wait to get started!

See you all next year, Happy New Year :)



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Tour Part One wrap up


Damn it, i meant to keep this blog updated throughout the tour.  But Wifi is scarce when driving all over the country.

This being our First national tour, its safe to assume that we’re fucking exhausted. haha And its only been 3 weeks so far.

Canada was FUN (but cold) We met some AWESOME fans, and a couple creepy ones.  Crossing the border is a pain in the ass.  Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver we had so much fun!!

After Canada we hit up Detroit where we picked up Jay No to play synths for us. I met the guys (and gal) from Terror Network and got fuckin drunk as shit with them.

Then we were off to Cleveland where we met a group of happy drunken kids (one named Alec Baldwin..) who were lots of fun to hang with.

Seattle was awesome We met Steve White from KMFDM and I got to hang with J.Rivets Sister Corrinne.   Had to drive that night so couldn’t get drunk with her :(

Portland was great,  The Fez Ballroom fed us some AMAZING FOOD holy shit , Sacremento Halloween show was awesome.

Our Salt Lake City show got cancelled :( SO SORRY to everyone who planned to see us that night. We will make it up to you!!

After Sacremento we drove STRAIGHT to Kansas City on no sleep.

In Kansas we met up with our friends Logan and Jessie whos parents had couchs and cots and pillows and blankets and fucking home-cooked meals for us  it was the best thing anyones ever done.

That night we rocked out at the Riot Room and met some new buddies Leah and Alyssa who saw to it that I got very drunk. They are AWESOME. Thank you!  My Philly friend Nikki came out as well!

Tulsa was great we played with a band called AXIS  who you should all go check out.

St. Louis at the crack fox was fun as hell, Then we drove to Pittsburgh where Jim Semonik put together an awesome show for us. The backstage room had graffiti penis’ covering the entire walls.  met alot of fans there too!

Drove straight to Richmond Virginia after that with no sleep.  FALLOUT is one of the coolest clubs ive been to.  I had about 5 long island iced teas and was felling pretty damn good.

NEW YORK never disappoints. Saw alot of old friends and made alot of new ones. Jet from VampireFreaks hooked it up! even with the last minute venue change.


LONG STORY SHORT,  We still have 12 more shows left on this tour for the second half, and we ain’t done yet!


11/28/2012 Philadelphia, PA The Starlight Ballroom
11/30/2012 Atlanta, GA The Shelter
12/02/2012 Dallas, TX The Lizard Lounge
12/04/2012 Houston, TX Numbers
12/05/2012 San Antonio, TX Korova
12/06/2012 El Paso, TX M’s Lips Lounge
12/07/2012 Mesa, AZ Nile Theater
12/08/2012 Los Angeles, CA Bar Sinister
12/10/2012 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
12/13/2012 Louisville, KY The Phoenix Hill Tavern
12/14/2012 Milwaukee, WI Club Anything
12/15/2012 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Rock Club


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